A perfect place to relax, disconnect and enjoy the silence…We will repeat for sure.
Many thanks to make it so cozy.”
P.B. La Coruña – June 2017

Many thanks! It was great, we felt very comfortable. The decoration is very nice.
The staff were super kind and helpful.”
H.P.K. Hamburg (Germany) – June 2017

Many thanks for everything, our stay was great.”
A.Q. Islas Baleares – May 2017

A very nice stay, the house is great. The board games were cool according to M.”
A.M. Asturias – May 2017

A spectacular place, very cozy and quite. We felt very well taken care of.
We will come back! Thanks for everything.”
A.M. (Madrid – May 2017)

An unbeatable site, tranquility…
An impeccable attention. Many thanks.”
A.T. (La Coruña – May 2017)

An impeccable and comfortable place.
Good luck and long life! Thanks.”
I.T. (Madrid – May 2017)

Many thanks to the wonderful hospitality team at Casona de Labrada! From the moment you enter Casona de Labrada,
you know you have arrived at a special place. The gorgeous stone architecture of the beautifully remodeled and restored farm houses, sorrounded by lush Green forests and Rolling hillsides. 
The kindness of everyone, especially Susana, Noelia and Veli, quickly makes you feel welcome and at home.
The attention to detail, the hearts, the warm furnishing, the cozy fabrics, theuy have put so much thoughtfulness into every aspect.
Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience!
It truly is a labor of love!”
T.S.W. (California, USA – April 2017)

I thank you for being so nice and sympathetic, Noelia and Avelina. Also it is especially a beautiful and cozy complex.
I hope to come back every time I have the chance because I don´t get tired of this. Thanks and thousands of kisses.”
A. (Alicante) – April 2017

“A beautiful environment….a mysterious location…I love this place.”
I.G. (Toledo) – April 2017

“We have spent wonderful days in a beautiful house. We hope to come back in the future. Many thanks for everything.”
I.V. Madrid – April 2017

“We have had some unforgettable days in Casona de Labrada! Beautiful decoration, taking care of every detail, the breakfast was very complete…a wonderful place. Totally recomendable. We highlight the dedication, the kindness and attention of Noelia and Veli. Thanks for everything. WE WILL COME BACK! Daniela is missing her “Heidi bed”.”
M.T. Madrid – April 2017

“We have had the great luck of: to have met you, Noelia and Veli, to know this place so nice and enjoy so much…We will come back! Thanks for everything!”
R.U. Madrid – April 2017

“The B. R. Family was here and we had a great time. Thanks to everybody.”
A.B. Orense – April 2017

“With all our affection to the Casona de Labrada Staff (Veli, Ana & Noelia), treated us as if we were family (and profesional!). We will see each other soon!”
J.C. Madrid – April 2017

L.R. Santander – April 2017

“The best place to disconnect, relax and enjoy free time. The attention score is 10 and the environment is unbeatable.”
T.L. La Coruña – April 2017

“Good attention and ideal environment to disconnect. Thanks for everything! Hoping to come back soon!”
S.B. Lugo – Madrid 2017

“It has been a pleasure to be in this pretty house full of hearts, like the Staff working here. It is an unique place to rest and disconnect from the day to day. Thanks for the good treatment.”
S.A. Santander – April 2017

“Many thanks for four days of peace, tranquility, kindness and a wonderful location.”
M.B. Madrid – April 2017

“The stay was short but special, the smell of the land we take it as luggage.”
M.H. Cantabria – February 2017

“Although we have been only two days, we have enjoyed very much. I hope everybody is enjoying the same as us!!!”
G.F. Cantabria – February 2017

“Thanks for the house.”
S.F. Cantabria – February 2017

“Thank you for your hospitality. Casona de Labrada is a marvelous place, tranquil and relaxing, where every detail is finished with care, attention and taste, comfortable and we wouldn’t want to leave! We will recommend it to friends and acquaintances.”
M.M and D.S. UK – February 2017

“The house is perfect, no details is missing. We will come back!”
S.I. (Asturias) – January 2017

“It has been a great stay. The house is beautiful and nothing is missing! I hope to come back.”
S.P. (Asturias) – January 2017

“The Casona has been an amazing place, with a taste for exceptional detail. Definitely, very endearing Christmas holidays…the weather was much better than it was forecasted!”
J.S. (Madrid) – January 2017

“A pleasure for the senses and the staff very lovely. That’s what we love. We will surely come back!!!”
C.F. (Madrid) – January 2017

“We have been very well in the “hearts house”… the staff are great, no details are missing.”
R.L. (Madrid) – January 2017

“Thank you for creating this little corner of Galicia a place so cozy. We have had unforgettable days.”
I.F. (Madrid) – January 2017

“The dream house for anyone. The attention was spectacular. We will be back for sure.”
María (Galicia) – December 2016

“The stay was short but everything was perfect. Now, we are looking forward to coming back. A peaceful and comfortable paradise. Veli, Noelia and Almudena are so charming. Definitely, like home, or even better.”
J.P. (Galicia) – December 2016