A lovely weekend, thank you for your courtesy and good work.

María Josefa, La Coruña – February 2018

A wonderful place where the rural, confort and good taste meet. Delicious breakfast and charming Ana and Veli. A pleasure!!!

Myriam, Lola & Silvia, La Coruña – February 2018

Very nice and cozy hotel, highly recommended. We will come back as soon as possible. The service and personal treatment are impressive. To mention the spectacular decoration and structure of the houses. We have felt like at home. We loved it.

Nayra and Asdrúbal, Tenerife – February 2018

A wonderful place to welcome the year! We have spent a few unforgettable family days: the noise of the rain, the chimney, the walks, we take them to Mallorca. Many thanks!

Planas & Torrandell Family – January 2018

A beautiful place, the beautiful house, the house is cozy. It is well located, comfortable sofa and is very quiet. I liked the places and especially the beach.

Gonzalo, Madrid – January 2018

A real pleasure to enjoy the Casona de Labrada, very well equipped and the wonderful surroundings. An exquisite attention and always ready to help with what the guest needs. Of course…we’ll be back.

Tania C., La Coruña – January 2018

It has been a magical day. We will definitely return. We appreciate Veli’s kindness and attention!

Carmen and Emilio, Salamanca – January 2018

A great discovery, we came looking for tranquility and we have found much more than we expected, a pleasure, we will return.

Suso and Eva, La Coruña – January 2018

Tranquility, peace and perfection. Without a doubt a perfect place to rest. The super nice staff and everything taken care of in great detail. We will be back! Thank you.

Javi and Ruth, Pontevedra – January 2018

Very good experience, kindness, a lot of tranquility, kindness and super cozy, we are delighted and eager to repeat.

Fran and Ale, La Coruña – January 2018

I liked it a lot. All very welcoming and the spectacular treatment. We will be back. Thank you so much for everything.

Manzano Family, Madrid – December 2017

I´d like to leave a record of this wonderful and peaceful place. Being very grateful for everything. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy a few days around here and the treatment is wonderful, the breakfasts very good. If I had to give a score of 1 to 5 I would give a 5 to Casona de Labrada, unbeatable. With love.

José S. and M. C., Madrid – December 2017

We spent a couple of very pleasant days in your house. Thank you very much for your attention and for making us feel at home. We will return for sure!!!

Blanca E., Pontevedra – December 2017

Beautiful days in a beautiful place. It has been a pleasure to enjoy these spaces filled with love, dedication, care and concern. A great service and a place to enjoy. Many thanks to all who make this place possible. I´m sure we will see each other again very soon. Thank you very much.

Jabier B., Pamplona- December 2017

What Christmas! I will always have them in my memory. The place is wonderful and what to say about the owners and family. The staff is very attentive and affectionate. Many, many thanks for everything and for the amazing surprise! With all my admiration and affection.

Inés, Bilbao – December 2017

It has been a wonderful stay in all the senses. This place is uniquely special, every detail is beautiful and beauty shows the affection with which this nice space has conceived. I have felt at home, in this house. In all of them you have achieved the atmosphere of home that I like so much. This place is very beautiful, I love the buildings, stunning buildings, elegant decoration with that minimalist and natural point very cozy, the exterior decoration is also beautiful, really, the words fall short to express what I liked at Casona de Labrada. With all of this, the best, what has most impressed me has been the treatment and care of Susana, Veli and Ana. I am grateful to all the people who make this beautiful place possible. I will definitely go back and recommend this beautiful space. This place has goblins and nature…and the breakfasts are delicious. Thank you!!!

Ana S., Navarra – December 2017

An unforgettable weekend in a spectacular spot. Without doubt, a place to visit again and relax in its small stone houses next to the fireplace. And the service matches the the place, spectacular. We are already looking forward to return, hopefully with better weather next time.

Carmen F., Oviedo. December 2017

A place to loose yourself. A spectacular landscape. A wonderful service and the houses where you really feel at home. A thousand Thanks! We will return! A big hug.

Ana B., Oviedo. December 2017

A wonderful place and an excellent service! We will return! Thanks.

Isabel, Borja and Paula, Asturias. December 2017

What a pleasure! I will return…

Natalia V., Pontevedra – December 2017

A wonderful place, where you sleep warm and see some views from your little window. Beautiful, I loved it.

Sofia, Pontevedra – December 2017

A real pleasure, the tranquility and silence that you feel. Great service on the part of Ana. All care to the smallest detail. We threaten to return!!!

Almu & Juan, Madrid – November 2017

Our stay in Casona de Labrada was fantastic, what a beautiful and peaceful place. We were staying two people for three nights. Here you feel a kind of serenity. The first night we needed to get used to the silence, especially when we were the only guests in this beautiful complex. After the third night we would never wanted to leave. We will never forget this hotel.

Susana O., Uithoorn, The Netherlands – November 2017

An amazing place; for its location, its decoration and its people that cannot be more pleasant and cozy. It should be forbidden to come in a hurry and stay only one night. We could not have enjoyed it more.

Manuel J., Madrid – November 2017

We have had unforgettable days. An unbeatable place to enjoy in the company of loved ones and best friends. All this seasoned with a great affection shown by Ana and Veli, whom we thank from heart for the treatment we received.

Carlos S., Madrid – November 2017

A beautiful place, very charming and perfect to disconnect. Every detail taken care of, a big pleasure. A hug.

Laura & Manuel, La Coruña – November 2017

A location with a very special beauty, much tranquility and an exceptional service, full disconnection to enjoy the nature. A complete pleasure. Greetings.

Victoria & Jesús, La Coruña – November 2017

We loved the stay in your home. We felt as at our house, everything is beautiful. Many thanks to Ana for looking after us. Congrats for having a place so cozy and pretty.

Juan José R., Tenerife – November 2017

The environment is perfect, the houses are beautiful and Ana’s attention and support. Very charming. Thanks for everything! We felt at home. See you soon.

Mª Belén B., Tenerife – November 2017

What a marvelous place, it was a very special stay, with a detail and a great attention from Ana, incredible. We will come back for sure.

María G., Gijón – November 2017

A lovely location, you breathe a lot of tranquility. Thanks for the treatment received.

Marcos M., La Coruña – November 2017

Thanks for the home feeling. The details and love can be breathed in each corner. I will be back! Thanks!

Silvia P., La Coruña – October 2017

A house to enjoy, done with a lot of love. Excellent treatment from the staff, the details… A pleasure…

Ilda L., La Coruña – October 2017

Congratulations to have reached an atmosphere so cozy, as much by the houses as by the staff attention. Good luck with this new business!

Miriam R., La Coruña – October 2017

I felt as in my own house, my body and soul take a little part from here. Thanks for making me feel loved.

Mª José B., La Coruña – October 2017

Many thanks for having us, despite making a mistake on the way, it has been very worthwhile. Hopefully we come back soon. Again, thank you girls!

Elisa S., Valencia – October 2017

A fantastic location, great and very recommendable. The staff very kind and attentive.

Óscar F., Madrid – October 2017

We have really enjoyed, the perfect stay, the house and everything has been great. Greetings!

María Idoia I., Vizcaya – October 2017

Unbeatable atmosphere!

Carlos Luis F., Lugo – October 2017

Isa, Mencía, Mariano and Tizón were super good in this house so beautiful. We will surely come back. Many thanks for everything and for taking care of us so much in our stay.

Isabel H., La Coruña – October 2017

A wonderful stay in a special place. We have rested and known a beautiful area, well preserved. Great service and location. If we can, we will come back!

Sergio, Susana and Violeta, Madrid – October 2017

A spectacular place.

Pedro José F., La Coruña – October 2017


Yolanda C., La Coruña – October 2017

I liked the location very much and Veli & Ana are very charming! To repeat and recommend.

Elena, Sofía and Miguel, Madrid – October 2017

Thank you for a very relaxing and enjoyable stay!!

Ryan & Rachel D., Munich, Germany – October 2017

A beautiful house and a very pleasant stay. The environment is incredible. Fully recommended. We hope to come back.

Nuria C., Madrid – September 2017

Wonderful place, spectacular attention!! We will be back for sure!

Augusto A., Sevilla – September 2017

A magic place, thanks for everything.

Jorge R., Gijon – September 2017

We want to thank the hospitality and the warm welcome in Casona de Labrada. Great experience and surely we will come back very pleased. A big hug.

José A., Brasil – September 2017

We have had some wonderful days; peace, tranquility, good facilities and over all, the excellent and friendly service from Veli and Ana. Many thanks and see you soon!!

Edurne and Luís A., Guipúzcoa – September 2017

Despite our short stay, the visit was unbeatable, the decoration and environment are wonderful. We will repeat. Many thanks and see you soon!

Jonatan G., Barcelona – September 2017

A wonderful place! We will surely repeat. Thanks for everything! A kiss from Barcelona.

Sonia C., Barcelona – September 2017

A unique environment in which the tradition is combined, with a well-preserved house and a pure pleasure to rest and relax. An experience and very grateful attention that we will repeat.

Juan Carlos C., Madrid – September 2017

A lovely place to disconnect from the busy life we carry. A spectacular house in every aspect and Ana a charm. Many thanks.

Pedro & Tina, Alicante – September 2017

Few things more beautiful and integrated than the popular architecture, and more harmonious with the landscape and the spirit.

Carlos & Mercedes, Lugo – September 2017

There are days in which one discovers worlds previously unknown, fantastic, where time stops. It is these spaces to dream and get along with yourself. A place to return and share.

Primitivo I.S., Lugo – September 2017

Thanks for the gift of silence and the nature wrapping you. Here the time stops and the senses wake up. A magic location. We will come back.

Cristina M., Madrid – August 2017

The peacefulness, the silence, the forest and us. The break is the key attribute of this Casona. A pleasure to find the nature in a so magic place, and with an excellent service.

Roberto H., Madrid – August 2017

I liked it very much, I was very comfortable in the house and I had a great time.

Salma and Family, Mallorca – August 2017

The spot is spectacular, to stay several quiet days, there is no other equal. You will love it. The staff is super kind. We will come back.

Luis C., Sevilla – August 2017

Beautiful, cozy and comfortable facilities. Great service, nice and attentive staff. Quite surroundings. All perfect, unbeatable. We leave happy. See you soon.

Fernando L. and Ana R., La Coruña – August 2017

We enjoyed our wonderful stay. Beautiful place and all care in detail. If we come back some time in the future to Galicia, we will come back to Labrada. Many thanks.

Fernández H. Family, Madrid – August 2017

We loved our stay, everything was wonderful. This is an enchanted place. We leave looking forward to coming back and spend more time here. Many thanks for your hospitality.

Frederico P., Lisbon, Portugal – August 2017

A great stay to rest. An excellent service. Many thanks for everything.

Rubio G. Family, Madrid – August 2017

Very enchanting, the facilities, environment, comfort and especially the good service of the hosts, which is unbeatable. I will come back for sure to enjoy again of this landscape and this calm.

Marta M., Asturias – August 2017

Wonderful stay in this magical and privileged place, a spot where to come back repeatedly to escape from the worldly noise and relax the ears in the most exquisite silence. Thanks for everything.

Hugo G., Madrid – August 2017

It has been a very pleasant stay.

César D., Madrid – August 2017

Many thanks, it is a shame not having more time, we expect to come back shortly. Hugs.

Montserrat H., Toledo – August 2017

We have spent four nice days in this house and with the Ana and Veli kindness and company. We will come back.

M. Ángel M., Madrid – August 2017

An unforgettable stay in a beautiful and very cozy place. The staff are very nice, in the same level as the atmosphere, peaceful. Many thanks.

Ximo, Ángela and Ana, Valencia – August 2017

A charming place, with much peace to relax with the surroundings and enjoy it. A kind and committed staff with the customers. We hope to come back soon.

Ana S., Madrid – August 2017

A haven of peace in a spectacular area. I liked it very much, the house, they were very nice. Many thanks.

Oihana I. Guipúzcoa – August 2017

A wonderful place and an exceptional service.

María R., Madrid, August 2017

Excellent service and a very appetizing place.

Jesús L., Madrid – August 2017

The word delighted is small to express the nice feeling of peace, tranquility and wonder of Casona, landscape and over all, Veli, thanks for being so nice. I leave very happy! Thanks!

Davinia B., Málaga – August 2017

Idyllic spot and unbeatable staff. It has been a very nice weekend and the people were charming. Many thanks.

Juan A., Santander – August 2017

We have been very comfortable. The treatment from Veli and Ana has been wonderful. We expect to come back. The house is nice and the staff as well.

María J. S., Santander – August 2017

A beautiful spot and incredible days. With an exquisite service.

Pau G., Valencia, August 2017

I encourage you to continue with this excellence level in this wonderful place, Ana and Veli are lovely and unbeatable professionals. Kind regards and best wishes.

Segalerva G. Family, Málaga – August 2017

All wonderful, the environment, the house, the service. For repeating.

Francisco Salvador P., Málaga – August 2017

A little spot full of charm and accompanied with an unbeatable service… Thanks for everything because we take with us the magic of this place.

Pedro V., Valencia – August 2017

All very good, maximum tranquility and a very kind service.

Jesús A., Guipúzcoa – August 2017

We have passed two great days in the Casona, thanks especially to the unbeatable service received. Many thanks.

Antonio V., Madrid – August 2017

Discover this house it has been a success. Thanks to Susana, Avelina and Ana for your welcome. We had great days, it is a house to live in it, not missing the smallest detail. Thanks for everything. We hope to come back soon. Hugs.

Pedro and Marta, Madrid – August 2017

We thank the service received, that was really exceptional, definitely, the best rural hotel where we have been. We leave delighted for the service, the two Ladies are very very kind and the stay. We have two kids and they leave pleased. Definitely a Rural Hotel extraordinary.

Cecilia G., Orense – August 2017

We had a great time here. The house and breakfast are wonderful. The staff is very nice. Thanks!

Elena and Matthias Pahl, Barcelona – August 2017

We were kindly welcomed, we felt fantactic, and we leave with sadness. We were treated so well, the place is unique and quite. Little Galician land where the sky is always tropical.

A big kiss from all the members of the Ortí Family, Barcelona – August 2017

A great discovery to have found this house. As I commented, I’d like to come back and enjoy the House 1 or 3 that must be wonderful. Many thanks of course to the good work done by Ana and Veli, to their kindness and take care of us so well.

Cristina G., Madrid – August 2017

A wonderful stay, thanks for Ana’s and Veli’s kindness and good work, that is unbeatable. The establishment is organized with much love and the result is great.

Lucía M., Pamplona – August 2017

Many thanks for your dedication, love, breakfast. We have had three wonderful days in a beautiful place. I know it is the first year of the house. I wish you good luck and success. We hope to be able to come back. Hugs.

Elena and César, Madrid – August 2017

We have been happy and beyond. The house and location is spectacular, unbeatable. We will come back!

Carla, Ignacio & Pilar – Salamanca – August 2017

All perfect. Kindness, tranquility and a beautiful place.

Mar, Jose, Elena and Carlos, Barcelona – August 2017

Perfect spot to disconnect, peace and tranquility is breathed, surrounded by spectacular landscape. The house is perfect and the service unbeatable. Pleased to repeat in the future.A wonderful and perfect place! Enjoy the beauty of the peacefulness!

Rodri, India and María, Ciudad Real – August 2017

A wonderful and perfect place! Enjoy the beauty of the peacefulness!

Braha and Ayelet, Tel Aviv, Israel – August 2017

An idyllic location, very quiet. I hope to be able to come the next visit with an electric car…

Carlos S., Zaragoza – August 2017

A great house and great people. Pleased to have been here.

Erlinda M., Zaragoza – August 2017

An unbeatable stay, Ana and Avelina were very attentive with us and our daughter. A location very recommendable to disconnect and enjoy.

Jaime L., Toledo – August 2017

A great stay, in a magical place.

Sandra and María, Seville – August 2017

It has been a great discovery. The staff was very dedicated to us in every moment. Many thanks for your love and hospitality. We will come back and recommend it. Regards.

Javi and Paqui, Alicante – August 2017

Spectacular! We want to stay for ever. The team here went above and beyond for our needs and with any challenges. The property feels like it is in another world, we will surely return.

The Roberts Family, Florida, USA – August 2017

It has been wonderful. Many thanks for your hospitality. No doubt, we will recommend the place.

Marta and Jordi, Albacete – August 2017

A place to not forget and come back. The service was spectacular! Thanks for everything!

Natalia G., Andorra – August 2017

Thank you for the perfect stay. Very quiet place on a beautiful spot. You spoiled us.

Majorie and Peter Former, The Netherlands – August 2017

If paradise exists, it must be a place like this one. A special thanks for the familiar and warm welcome and how they took care of all details. I am hoping to come back!

Eva M., Granada – August 2017

A magical place, an ideal stay and a mountain of affection and illusion dedicated to a beautiful project. We will remember and recommend it.

Bustamante – Lejonagoitia Family, Bilbao – August 2017

I can ensure that you’ll be sad when leaving this place. Wonderful in all aspects, service, comfort, environment…and the good taste is all really well thought-out…to the last detail, congratulations to Veli and Ana for their kindness. I leave a written promise. We will come back.

Juan P. and Curra, Madrid – August 2017

We had a great time, the house is a wonder!

Carmen H., Madrid – July 2017

A wonderful stay, all superior, from the controllable to the uncontrollable, the surroundings, the tasteful decoration, the quality of everything, and of course, the kindness and good manners from the owner Susana to the staff, all unbeatable. Thanks! A place to come back. Big kiss from Córdoba!

M. de la Torre Family, Córdoba – July 2017

An idyllic place, endearing and unique, to disconnect from any situation. A beautiful house where you will be inspired to write any novel without being a writer. A wonderful picture window!

Laia, Carlos, Pilar and David, Barcelona – July 2017

We have been very comfortable, the location and the house are the best. The staff is very kind. We will come back for sure!

Fran and Susana, Madrid – 2017

Incredible place and incredible house with a special feeling of being in heaven. The silence, cozy and you, the best! Like we say in our land. Many thanks! We will come back!

Miguel and Manoli, Madrid – July 2017

Many thanks for everything. You have created a wonderful paradise. We have enjoyed the tranquility, the silence and your service.

Suárez, Asturias – July 2017P. Pallares and M. A. Romera, Madrid – July 2017

An extraordinary experience. Everything very quiet, an extraordinary service. No doubt, it is something to repeat.

Suárez, Asturias – July 2017

“We were delighted, a very charming and cozy place. Ana and Avelina are lovely and very, very kind. Thanks for all your attention. See you soon!
David G. and Ruth A. Barcelona – July 2017

“A stunning place with wonderful people. Many thanks.
Amparo L. and Juan C. Albacete – July 2017

“The most beautiful, peaceful getting and a stunning house to rent. We will be back.
The Thomas Family. Aberdeen City, UK. July 2017

“It has been a great surprise to find this hidden paradise. We have enjoyed it all. The house and the staff are the best of the trip. Thanks and we will come back.
Flor B. and Enrique C. Madrid – July 2017

“Amazing place, wonderful stay. See you soon.
Emilia M. y Francisco V. Asturias – July2017

“A pleasure to have enjoyed the house, we hope we can come back soon! Regards
Guillermo E., Tomás, Martina and Amparo B. Madrid – July 2017

“A peaceful stay, a wonderful house with a nice decoration taste and a very good service from Veli, Noelia and Ana. Keep up this incredible place.
M. García and R. Bellet. Madrid – July 2017

“Thanks for everything! It has been an excellent experience…and the magic weather, that we have had, let us to enjoy during these days of this incomparable framework.
J. Santos. Gijón, Asturias – July 2017

“We have had a wonderful days with the family, in an exclusive natural landscape, we found the peace and tranquility that we were looking for and our expectations have been exceded. Nice and friendly treatment, no doubt, we will come back!
M. Matías. Gijón, Asturias – July 2017

“I really liked your service, it has been a very cool experience.
N. González. Gijón, Asturias – July 2017

“We have had a wonderful days surrounded by a special nature. A good service, very kind, very clean, special breakfast! We were delighted. Health to continue so well.
M. González. Gijón, Asturias – July 2017

“I liked it very much, I slept very well, thanks! An excellent facilities, better staff and fantastic environment.
Wonderful landscape, exceptional treatment, a pleasure. We will come back!

J. M. Gómez and Family. Burgos – July 2017

“A wonderful experience, done with a taste I love, surrounded by nature, peace and a beauty that you see in the mountain, river and sea. We could not ask for anything else. Of course we will repeat. This is living in nature with class.
L. de la Torre. Zurich. Switzerland – July 2017

“What a special place! A place to enjoy the beautiful scenery, lovely walks and peace. We could not have asked for more and enjoyed every moment. Someone, with great style, imagination and attention to detail, has created this wonderful environment, all that work has created something, very special. Until the next time!
A. Parr. Nelson, UK – July 2017

“A place of pure beauty and tranquility! We have had a wonderful stay in Labrada. We leave feeling rested and relaxed. The attention to detail in this lovely Inn offers a beautiful at home feeling. The stone work and wooden beaming is stunning. I’ve enjoyed noticing all the small details! I hope we find our way back to Labrada in the future! Thank you to the lovely staff for making this be a wonderful stay!
K. Joshi and Family. Boston, USA – July 2017

“Absolutely beautiful. I loved it!
M. Lennox. Boston, USA – July 2017

“If you have come to spend a few days here you will not have been wrong. The experience, you will remember for a long time…you will even repeat! Health and enjoy nature and the welcome of Veli and Noelia, simply unbeatable.
L.L. Lozano. Madrid – June 2017

“An unbeatable place, only surpassed by the staff treatment. Sure we will return.
J. Sanz. Madrid – June 2017

“A charming place, in the heart of nature, the staff makes you feel at home. Many thanks for allowing us to have a spectacular day!
J. de Mingo. Madrid – June 2017

“Excellent facilities, excellent service.
M. A. Rodríguez. Madrid – June 2017

“All excellent, to repeat many times.
M. A. Perucha. Madrid – June 2017

A pleasure the visit and location.
E. Usaola. Madrid – June 2017

A perfect place to relax, disconnect and enjoy the silence…We will repeat for sure.
Many thanks to make it so cozy.”

P.B. La Coruña – June 2017

Many thanks! It was great, we felt very comfortable. The decoration is very nice.
The staff were super kind and helpful.”

H.P.K. Hamburg (Germany) – June 2017

Many thanks for everything, our stay was great.”
A.Q. Islas Baleares – May 2017

A very nice stay, the house is great. The board games were cool according to M.”
A.M. Asturias – May 2017

A spectacular place, very cozy and quite. We felt very well taken care of.
We will come back! Thanks for everything.”

A.M. (Madrid – May 2017)

An unbeatable site, tranquility…
An impeccable attention. Many thanks.”

A.T. (La Coruña – May 2017)

An impeccable and comfortable place.
Good luck and long life! Thanks.”

I.T. (Madrid – May 2017)

Many thanks to the wonderful hospitality team at Casona de Labrada! From the moment you enter Casona de Labrada,
you know you have arrived at a special place. The gorgeous stone architecture of the beautifully remodeled and restored farm houses, sorrounded by lush Green forests and Rolling hillsides. The kindness of everyone, especially Susana, Noelia and Veli, quickly makes you feel welcome and at home.
The attention to detail, the hearts, the warm furnishing, the cozy fabrics, theuy have put so much thoughtfulness into every aspect.
Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience!
It truly is a labor of love!”

T.S.W. (California, USA – April 2017)

I thank you for being so nice and sympathetic, Noelia and Avelina. Also it is especially a beautiful and cozy complex.
I hope to come back every time I have the chance because I don´t get tired of this. Thanks and thousands of kisses.”

A. (Alicante) – April 2017

“A beautiful environment….a mysterious location…I love this place.”
I.G. (Toledo) – April 2017

“We have spent wonderful days in a beautiful house. We hope to come back in the future. Many thanks for everything.”
I.V. Madrid – April 2017

“We have had some unforgettable days in Casona de Labrada! Beautiful decoration, taking care of every detail, the breakfast was very complete…a wonderful place. Totally recomendable. We highlight the dedication, the kindness and attention of Noelia and Veli. Thanks for everything. WE WILL COME BACK! Daniela is missing her “Heidi bed”.”
M.T. Madrid – April 2017

“We have had the great luck of: to have met you, Noelia and Veli, to know this place so nice and enjoy so much…We will come back! Thanks for everything!”
R.U. Madrid – April 2017

“The B. R. Family was here and we had a great time. Thanks to everybody.”
A.B. Orense – April 2017

“With all our affection to the Casona de Labrada Staff (Veli, Ana & Noelia), treated us as if we were family (and profesional!). We will see each other soon!”
J.C. Madrid – April 2017

L.R. Santander – April 2017

“The best place to disconnect, relax and enjoy free time. The attention score is 10 and the environment is unbeatable.”
T.L. La Coruña – April 2017

“Good attention and ideal environment to disconnect. Thanks for everything! Hoping to come back soon!”
S.B. Lugo – Madrid 2017

“It has been a pleasure to be in this pretty house full of hearts, like the Staff working here. It is an unique place to rest and disconnect from the day to day. Thanks for the good treatment.”
S.A. Santander – April 2017

“Many thanks for four days of peace, tranquility, kindness and a wonderful location.”
M.B. Madrid – April 2017

“The stay was short but special, the smell of the land we take it as luggage.”
M.H. Cantabria – February 2017

“Although we have been only two days, we have enjoyed very much. I hope everybody is enjoying the same as us!!!”
G.F. Cantabria – February 2017

“Thanks for the house.”
S.F. Cantabria – February 2017

“Thank you for your hospitality. Casona de Labrada is a marvelous place, tranquil and relaxing, where every detail is finished with care, attention and taste, comfortable and we wouldn’t want to leave! We will recommend it to friends and acquaintances.”
M.M and D.S. UK – February 2017

“The house is perfect, no details is missing. We will come back!”
S.I. (Asturias) – January 2017

“It has been a great stay. The house is beautiful and nothing is missing! I hope to come back.”
S.P. (Asturias) – January 2017

“The Casona has been an amazing place, with a taste for exceptional detail. Definitely, very endearing Christmas holidays…the weather was much better than it was forecasted!”
J.S. (Madrid) – January 2017

“A pleasure for the senses and the staff very lovely. That’s what we love. We will surely come back!!!”
C.F. (Madrid) – January 2017

“We have been very well in the “hearts house”… the staff are great, no details are missing.”
R.L. (Madrid) – January 2017

“Thank you for creating this little corner of Galicia a place so cozy. We have had unforgettable days.”
I.F. (Madrid) – January 2017

“The dream house for anyone. The attention was spectacular. We will be back for sure.”
María (Galicia) – December 2016

“The stay was short but everything was perfect. Now, we are looking forward to coming back. A peaceful and comfortable paradise. Veli, Noelia and Almudena are so charming. Definitely, like home, or even better.”
J.P. (Galicia) – December 2016