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Casona labrada


Vega de Zarza
A Garda

The Route

The route leaves Taramundi in a southerly direction, taking a narrow path that takes us to Mazonovo, where we can visit the Museum of the Mills, where They reproduce mills from different times and parts of the world. Past the bridge over the River Turía a path to the right takes place parallel to the river

, where alders, chestnuts, birch oaks and ash trees abound , etc.

After crossing another bridge on the River Turia

we will go to the right margin until we reach Vega de Zarza, a town in which There are interesting samples of popular architecture as well as a mill in the vicinity of the recreational area. We continue along a slightly ascending road, cross the road and continue towards A Garda.

At this point we left Mousende. The route continues northwards along an ascending road passing Vilanova. In these two locations there are several workshops of craftsmen in which they continue to exercise the most traditional trade of the council: the development of knives and knives.

We leave behind Vilanova and we enter a thick chestnut forest

, to ascend a path to the town of Pardiñas Here we can make two more stops, visiting the Cutlery Museum and the Eo-Leche Artisan Cheese Factory, located in the Taramundi craft industry. We finish the tour returning to the starting point, going down the road to the village.