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Molino de Guxo
Molino de Nela

The route

We start the path in the upper part of the village of Bres. Through a wide dirt road, take the first deviation to the right, which leads to the Guxo mill, which also has a mini power plant.

The route continues along a path along the right bank of the river, to a rustic bridge. We cross it and continue ascending through a wooded area until we reach Chao do Cobo. Crossing meadows and small oak forests we went through Cabaza until we reached El Teixo. In the high, on clear days, the views of the north of the council and the coast are unbeatable, when it is possible to glimpse even the Ria del Eo and Ribadeo, already in Galicia . In the same height is the hostel of Teixo, located in the old village school, renovated for this purpose, and next to it is a recreational area where you can see many native trees. p>

The Teixo is made up of several nuclei that are distributed near the top: Brataramundi, A Sela, Padriz, A Fonte. The route runs through Brataramundi and after a sharp descent you reach the Old Mill and Mill Nela.

Then a slight ascent begins along a beautiful path where blueberry plants abound until you reach a wider path of land. Then continue downward until you reach the starting point. From this last section there are excellent views of the villages of Bres and Cabaza.

Fuente: Ayuntamiento de Taramundi