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Casona labrada


San Tirso de Abres
Arroyo de O Cairo
A Pontenova
San Tirso de Abres

The Route

The route passes through the old mining railroad line that made the line Villaodrid - Ribadeo until 1964, sample of industrial architecture of the 20th century.

We started the walk in the old station of San Tirso de Abres, today rehabilitated for private housing, finding us the first of the six tunnels

a mere 300 m , continuing next to the magnificent spot of the Rio Eo enjoying in each moment of great panoramic of the fluvial channel, of incalculable ecological value and piscícola, in which they abound great number of aquatic species being the most characteristic the trout , the lamprey and the salmon.

Afterwards the road crosses the main road N-640 and leads us to an old power station built in 1932, just before crossing another of the tunnels pierced in the living rock, which leaves us next to the pedestrian walkway above the < b> Rio Eo.

Shortly after the last tunnel we found some small masonry constructions "casetos", with a shale roof that served to house the coal used by the railroad. Following the route we arrive at the point where Galicia and Asturias come together, over the stream of O Cairo that acts as a natural dividing line. At this point the Asturian part of the route ends and we can choose to go around or continue for 6 km., By asphalt until we reach the village of A Pontenova (Lugo) , where there are four kilns of calcination that served to transform the ore that transported the railway.

We will return to San Tirso by the same way one way.

Source: Concello de A Pontenova