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Casona labrada


Alto del Ouroso

The Route

In Teixo, just behind the lodge, the forest trail starts where the walk starts towards Alto de Ouroso.

The road is wide and passable by off-road vehicles, so there is hardly any possibility of loss. The route runs comfortably between wide grasslands, heathland and reforested pine forests to reach a landing on which there is a small lagoon.

By mid-morning there are many horses that come to this point to water and cool in the shade of the pines. The animals graze in a semi-wild state and require little attention from their owners, so the horse herd has increased significantly in recent years.

The itinerary now continues with less slope sheltered by small pine forests, a species that better supports winter frosts, which is why it has been abundantly planted in the heights of the Sierra de Ouroso; it is also the slowest and smallest growth, however, its tortuous bearing combined with heather gives rise to a forest of great beauty that, in the morning mist, offers a magical aspect of enchanted forest.

We continue the ascent enjoying the excellent views

being able to see the peaks of Ancares, the neighboring province of Lugo, the region of Oscos b> and a large part of the mariña lucense.

Once at the high of the Ouroso, at 1031m, we retrace our steps to the starting point.

Source: Taramundi City Council