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The Route

The route begins in El Teixo, where after leaving the vehicle and passing the last houses, an easy journey begins along the road that joins this town with Santamarina , leaving it to the right by a wide track of land. A slight descent starts towards the das Mestas stream, passing through a narrow path

in the shade of a leafy chestnut forest, until reaching the beautiful village of Santamarina. This town still conserves the sturdy aspect of the Asturian western peoples, characterized by a solid and austere architecture, of buildings of masonry slate and without plaster, few openings and covered with slabs of slate.
Once the nucleus of Santamarina is crossed, the traveler continues along the path that runs next to the chapel, towards the hamlet of Almallos.

Afterwards, a long descent begins along a path that runs between a leafy forest of chestnut trees until reaching the road of Taramundi to Veigas. At this point you take the embedded trail that descends towards Os Teixois; where is one of the ethnographic sets

of greatest interest in the Principality of Asturias.

Here all the ingenuities with which the inhabitants of this land managed to put at their service the inexhaustible and free energy of the waters: mills, mallets, fullers

, sharpening and rudimentary stones power stations that had to feed the first light bulbs that arrived at Taramundi.

The route continues ascending, from Teixois to the nearby village of As Mestas by a narrow path, that advances between alders on the banks of the stream

of the same name, to soon reach the Teixo, starting point of the route.

Source: Taramundi City Council