Seimeira route



Casona labrada



The Route

Start the route in Sanxés, entering a path surrounded by pines, holly, hazel, chestnut and oak, which later become a path with a scrubland

, where begin the first blueberries, ferns and moss covering the stones. Then, the walker can hear the waterfall of the Seimeira, it will be necessary to deviate from the path to contemplate it.

Back to abandoned trail

to observe the waterfalls, you can see two mills that in the past, taking advantage of the strength of the water, allowed to grind the grain and obtain flour. Crossing the stream, the route goes into another beautiful soto where chestnuts and oaks are mixed, covering with their branches the life that flows under them.

The trail ascends to a viewpoint from which you can see the valley that travels the route

. In the low mountain appears an abundant tapestry of blueberries that give way to ferns in other areas. Further on, the path crosses a new stream to reach a wider path that leads to the village of Vilarxubín . Along this road you can see the large rocks of the hillside where the walk began, as well as numerous large oaks, surrounded by gorse, heather and brooms.

When you reach Vilarxubin

there is a detour on the right with a signpost where you can connect with the Route of the seimeira , approaching to Ponte Paradela.

We will also have the possibility to choose another route downhill that will take us to the one of the seimeira to join with it at the height of the mills, one of them known as the Mill of Seimeira; or another one that will take us to the Escourido Bridge where the Sanxés stream and the das seimeira river come together.

Source: Concello de A Pontenova

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