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Casona labrada



The route

The fourteen kilometers of this route allow us, over a little over four hours, to enjoy the water and its use over centuries in the rural environment. From the bottom of Taramundi the route starts on a concrete path that takes us to Mazonovo, where we can visit the Mill Museum

. After a short ascent, we turn right onto a path and pass by the Caserío de A Granda. We crossed the river Turía by the bridge of la Escaderna and we continued ascending through a bushy native chestnut and alder forest .

The next section of the route continues along a section of paved road that leads to the village of Skiing, but before arriving we can deviate to the right, taking a trail

, to visit the waterfall of the stream of La Salgueira, returning to the main road later. Once in Esquíos we can visit its Ethnographic Museum, which contains a wide collection of tools and traditional tools of the region.

Below are two alternatives: continue straight to go to Veigas, or take a path to the left that crosses the River Turía and access Os Teixois. The path of Skiing - Veigas, runs between aextensive chestnut mass

, in some areas mixed with oaks and birches. As Veigas It is a small village formed by stone houses, which is situated in an environment of great beauty, embedded in the valley floor and surrounded by extensive wooded masses. It supposes as a whole an example of traditional architecture well preserved .

From here, take the old path on the right side of the river Turía , which leads to Teixois , where there is a unique ethnographic complex (a set of hydraulic devices consisting of a mallet, mill, whisk, whetstone and small power station). Since Teixois

take a path parallel to the Mestas stream that leads to Esquíos , returning to Taramundi by the same path along which the path started.

Fuente: Ayuntamiento de Taramundi